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Boat Inspection

Purchasing a new boat is always a huge investment. Hence, it is very important to ensure that the boat you purchase is in excellent conditions and meets all your expectations and requirements. Boats are highly complicated machines with several parts. Hence, it is vital that you hire a qualified expert to inspect the boat. At Western Marine Center, we offer a fantastic solution for anyone looking to buy a new boat. Our technical experts not only inspect the boat, but also provide clients with detailed written report which evaluates engine and drive condition, which provides you with useful knowledge before deciding to make any purchase. We ensure that any boat you buy is in great working condition and worth every dollar you spend.

Our experienced boat inspection team ensure that you have a peace of mind while making critical decisions. This service is ideal for anyone who is new to boating and is unsure of marine mechanics. We also serve interstate customers who are unable to physically inspect the boats themselves. If authorized, we can also give conclusive judgement on whether to go ahead with the purchase of a particular boat or not.

We thoroughly examine every boat we inspect and ensure that your venture into the boating world is worth the investment and provides you with many years of enjoyment.  Our impartial and precise inspections test the condition of board equipment and engine performance, as well as general structural integrity and safety aspects, such as lifesaving equipment.

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